Welcome to the Living Proof Project – a place to discover stories shared by both myself and others to show you that you too can do the same.

In many ways, I hope for this site to serve as the “invisible curriculum” – to surround you with stories of people who are living to the beat of their own drums, and to expose you to the mentalities, values, and thought processes that got them to where they are.

The hypothesis:  That it is not about the details.  Instead, it is about how one approaches life that matters most.

The “Why”: This site is meant to share with you stories that have expanded my worldview and challenged my way of thinking.  Here I will share articles that intrigue me, stories that move me, research that challenges me to think deeply, and people who challenge me to live the way I know I am capable of living.  

About Me:  My name is Mo Sook Park, and for reasons I am still discovering I feel compelled to invite you into my journey.   I humbly hope you will join me and take from this site what you will. It is my hope that these stories will help you see ways of living that may be proof of a life that you only thought to be a concept or distant hope.  The stories I present here are people who represent that for me – living proof that the life I thought I wanted to live, can in fact be lived.  And knowing these people have helped me to believe that I can do the same.


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