James Ward’s Incredible Story

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James Ward’s Incredible Story

Meet James Ward.  He went from being homeless and living in a mission, to attending Howard University. His story and the above Tumblr page created to raise funds to pay for his tuition, has gone viral.

It’s a moving story, and I could not be happier for James.

But what sticks out in this story is the role that Jessica Sutherland played.  Although she does not take credit, and recognizes that James is the one that has done all the hard work, I cannot help but wonder how different his story would have been had he not met Jessica.  Given his clear intelligence, I do not doubt he would have made something of himself somehow.  But I do wonder…

I know that I do not know the whole story, and I do not know Jessica, but I do have to ask — was Jessica, James’ living proof?  There’s something there. I know there is.  And I plan to try to find out.